Visit Corfu Island

The island of Corfu , also known as Kerkyra or Kerkira by the Greeks, is the northernmost and the second most populated island in Greece with two hundred and twenty kilometers of coastline. Of all the Ionian Islands , this is the most famous as well as being one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece.

The mountains and the sea coexist in Corfu. Mountains that reach a thousand meters above sea level surround this island, with Mount Pantocrátoras being the one that divides it into three zones . The central area is the most important and therefore the most populated. In it the vegetation is very dense and there are some quite leafy hills. The northern area on the other hand is characterized by the abundance of green valleys, olive trees and coasts full of bays of various sizes. Lastly, the southern zone is, unlike the previous ones, the most arid, in which there is hardly any vegetation on the extensive plain.

On this island you can enjoy a paradisiacal place full of pristine and pristine beaches , the Paleokastrista, located west of Corfu and where plants reach the sea. Another of the most striking places in the place is the Kanoni. A narrow river of sand on the sea that you will find in the south of the island. And if what you are looking for are the best beaches, you should know that you will find them to the north, specifically in Sidari and Rhodes.

But not only can you enjoy nature, in Corfu there are also other attractions such as museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum or the Museum of Asian Art.