Sports events around the world

Soccer is one of the sports with the most followers in the world, but there are other sports that have a large number. Today we remind you of a few sporting events that take place around the world and that, if you are on vacation in one of the countries where they are held, you should enjoy them as if you were a child again.

– Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore
Enjoy the breathtaking views and the shrill sound of the tires. The roar of engines and sleek racing cars will get your adrenaline pumping on the day the only night race takes place. This race will take place on the 26th. The Marina Bay circuit is waiting for you to spend a very fast-paced vacation.

– New York Marathon
This year, around two million New Yorkers are expected to take to the streets of the Big Apple on November 7 to cheer on the 35,000 runners for the city’s great annual race. Bands, cheerleaders, etc. they will complete a unique sporting event in the world. The route spans five city boroughs, beginning on Staten Island and ending at Central Park in Manhattan.

– Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival
The coloring will make your trip unforgettable. For three days, fun is guaranteed. On July 23, the party will begin in the port of Hong Kong. Different teams (between 20-22) will be in charge of moving the very long boats that can measure more than 10 meters in length. Difficult to know, which team will be the winner.