Guam water sports

Guam is an island located in the western Pacific Ocean, and is a territory of the US Its total area is 209 square kilometers. Its great variety of inhabitants make it a very fun tourist destination. The Central region is densely populated. It is curious to define the term city in the area, since for some people there is no city but different and independent small cities.

Most of the population is found in the small towns of Agana, Tumon Dededo, Tamuning, Barrigada and the Altos del Agana. You must visit the area with the idea that you should practice some water sport: diving, snorkeling, etc. Diving is the most popular activity in this part of the world. Temperatures stay between 82F and 86F degrees throughout the year. The exceptional clarity of the water makes the area a paradise for those who love this type of sports.

Look for a tour with a local operator that usually includes a fully equipped boat in the price. The local dive shops also offer good and varied deals. There are 75 points throughout the area that all lovers of the sea should visit, including the shark area .

Another of the activities that you can do and that is directly related to the sea, is fishing. The locals will be able to teach you to fish with a net or, also, you will be able to use the rod of a lifetime. If you dare, you can opt for deep sea fishing: tuna, barracudas, etc. Guam is an ideal year-round destination. There are two seasons , one dry and the other wet, although the best time is the wet-dry season, which begins in December and ends in January.