Spanair ticket refund

As you all know by now, Spanair has ceased its activity due to financial problems. The airline company has declared bankruptcy and has left everyone with their asses in the air, workers and consumers who are now ticketless .

Overnight Spanair has released the news. The most incredible thing of all is that they have been selling tickets until the last minute, as if the decision to close had been made just minutes before the official statement announcing the closure. They call that scam in my town.

I have to admit that I am one of those affected by the closure, I had bought a round trip ticket for the summer holidays and now I am waiting for my money to be returned. What must be done to obtain a refund of the tickets? As can be read on the Spanair page, the following:

They are currently finalizing an agreement with the International Air Transport Association . The agreement will empower the travel agencies to reimburse the full price of the tickets to the passengers who have paid for them by bank transfer or in cash at the aforementioned travel agencies.

The rest of the passengers who have paid for the ticket using a credit card , both directly on the Spanair website and at a travel agency, must inquire through their financial institution about the possibilities of reimbursement.

Finally, all affected passengers can file a claim through any of the following channels:

– Spanair sales offices.
– AENA counters located in the corresponding airports.
– Tourist offices of the corresponding airports.
– Catalan Consumer Agency

Anyway, you just have to wait for the refund to take effect as they say, something I highly doubt. Worst of all is that the Generalitat de Catalunya , Spanair’s largest shareholder, does not want to assume any responsibility in all this. Hasn’t the company been financed through citizen taxes? Didn’t they know that the company was going to go under as they were the biggest shareholders? What a shame of a country , that’s how it goes …