Tips: what to bring on safari

A safari reminds us of the dense forests of the Amazon, the deserts of the Sahara and the grasslands of the savannah, right? These days you have decided to hire one of these adventures, but you have some doubts about what luggage you should prepare. A safari involves adventure, excitement, fun, and some trouble too. Today we tell you some things that should be essential in your backpack .

Typically, people on safari tend to fill their backpacks with a large amount of unnecessary stuff that contributes to increased bag overload . Therefore, you need to make a list in which you include only those things that will be truly useful to you. One of these things is a medicine cabinet . You should not go out without medication. Bring medicine for fever, pain, vomiting, dehydration, and other minor health complications.

Antiseptic lotions, pain relievers, creams for insect bites, throat lozenges, etc. Another important thing is clothes . Wearing too many clothes is not entirely feasible on safari. You can make packages of two garments per day. Try to keep your clothes as light as possible. Shorts, tank tops and a long-sleeved blouse are highly recommended.

Don’t forget a hat and some good sunglasses. Regarding food, it is recommended that you bring some nuts. Essential: water. Try to carry plastic bottles since glass bottles and jars will only make you carry more weight on your back, although an energy drink will not hurt you.