Beaches in Marbella

Summer is finally here, the heat and the desire to go to the beach every day are increasing, especially if you are on vacation . In Spain we have a multitude of spectacular beaches, cities with several of them and coasts with a lot of kilometers of sand to be able to relax and enjoy the good temperatures.

Today I will start with a few articles for you to know the beaches of Spain , and I will do it starting with Marbella, one of the most striking cities on the Costa del Sol and which is in the province of Malaga. These are some of the beaches in Marbella and their characteristics:

Río Verde Beach : It is in Puerto Banús and has an area of ​​900 meters, small but charming. Its sand is golden with gravel and in it you can find various services such as parking, hammocks, umbrellas, toilets and bars.

Puerto Banús Beach : It is in the same port and has fine gray sand. It has hammocks, umbrellas, showers, bus stop, beach bars, restaurants and in it you can practice some water sports.

El Pinillo Beach : it measures 2,500 meters and is an urban beach with gray sand that is not very fine. There are usually a lot of people and it has parking, toilets, umbrellas and hammocks. It is a very quiet beach with a moderate swell and where you can rent different nautical equipment.
La Fontanilla Beach : It has not very fine golden sand and measures 900 meters. It has parking, hammocks, umbrellas, WC, bars and a bus stop.

Nagülles Beach : It is in the Marbella Club and has an area of ​​2,500 meters. It is of not very fine gray sand and its services include parking, hammocks, umbrellas, kiosks and restaurants.

Playa de los Monteros : It is in the Hotel Los Monteros and measures 2,000 meters. It is an urban beach with not very fine gray sand and it has parking, bus, WC, hammocks, umbrellas, restaurants and kiosks.

Playa de la Bajadilla : It is small, 700 meters, of gray and thick sand and there are always many people. It has all kinds of services, such as bus, kiosks, hammocks, umbrellas, Parking, WC, nautical rentals, or restaurants.

Guadalmina Beach : It is near the Guadalmina urbanization, it measures 1,700 meters. and it is gray and thick sand. There is parking and bus.

Artola-Cabo Pino Beach : It measures 1,250 meters, is of fine golden sand and has nudist areas. Among its services you can have nautical rentals, parking, bus, WC, restaurants, hammocks and umbrellas.

San Pedro de Alcántara Beach : It has an area of ​​425 meters. and it is not very fine gray sand. It has parking, nautical rentals, kiosks, umbrellas and hammocks, among other services.