Sitges: beach, party and much more

Now that the good weather is approaching, one wants to move to cities that are anchored very close to the coast, where there is a good atmosphere and it is possible to take a refreshing dip. In that sense, Sitges is an excellent option, whether to travel as a couple, with the family, with friends or alone.

Located in the Garraf region, in the province of Barcelona, ​​Sitges is one of the jewels of Catalonia , the Saint Tropez of Europe for those who look at what a home costs there (up to 11,250 euros per square meter). By many others it is known as the gay friendly city ​​par excellence in Spain, although it offers much more.

To bathe, to walk, to eat well …

The New York Times once considered that its beach is the best urban beach in Europe , so there is a reason why many bathers decide to go to Sitges to sunbathe. After doing so, you can stroll through its streets, both along its promenade and those of the old town , where you will come across fashion stores and very original accessories before reaching the beautiful Church of Sant Bartolomé and Santa Tecla . From it you will be able to see almost the entire ride.

The main street is Calle del Pecado , where you will find numerous bars and restaurants to eat and drink. The leisure offer is very wide and is open to all types of public. The most homemade drink is Bacardi liquor, since it was there that Don Facundo Bacardí i Massó was born, who later emigrated to Cuba to make gold with the alcoholic beverage of the company he founded. Who was also a local and emigrated to the Dominican Republic was Andrés Brugal Montaner, founder of the Brugal rum company.

To park you have several options. The first of all is not to pay, but you will probably have to go around a lot to find a place. If you move along the promenade you will realize that everything is a blue zone and you will have no choice but to get the ticket out of hand. Finally, you will always have the car parks, which is the most comfortable and expensive.

The cache of its carnival and the film festival

To conclude, it cannot be overlooked that Sitges enjoys one of the most colorful and lively carnivals in Spain and that its film festival, the International Film Festival of Catalonia , is one of the most prestigious in Europe because it brings together year after year. to actors and directors of the stature of Quentin Tarantino, Anthony Hopkins or Vin Diesel.