Experiences and adventures to live a different summer

In addition to traveling for tourism and knowing other places, summer is also the time of year when you can do different activities to live different experiences and adventures. The possibilities are numerous and range from those most suitable for the most intrepid people to others that are more relaxing and even have a certain romantic air. Here are some specific proposals, on this occasion, for those with an adventurous spirit.


One of the possibilities to experience a different summer is to drive a Formula 1 in order to feel like a professional driver on the wheels of these cars that are driven at high speeds .

It is an experience that can be combined with driving a Formula 2.0 or driving around the circuit with high-end cars such as the Hummer, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

There are several circuits in Spain that offer this type of activity. Among them, for example, the Catalunya circuit, the Can Padró circuit in Barcelona, ​​Jarama in Madrid, Campillos in Malaga, Calafat in Tarragona, Motorland in Teruel, Chiva, Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Monteblanco in Huelva, Arcos in Navarra or FK1 in Valladolid.

And how do you enjoy this experience? It is easy. The day starts with a theoretical briefing in which a professional teaches piloting techniques , as well as safety instructions on and off the track. In addition, the center also offers other types of information that are necessary to live that moment to the fullest.

From the heights

For people who do not like Formula 1 or prefer to do something from above, there are very interesting alternatives. For example, you can fly in a helicopter and do a parachute jump.

One of the best areas to live this experience is Catalonia . There, for example, you can take a private helicopter flight from Barcelona to Empuriabrava to see the landscapes of the coast and also the interior.

After flying, it is time to prepare to do the jump. From the Skydiver Empuriabrava facilities they take care of all the preparations. Thus, in the heart of the Costa Brava you can experience a free fall for a minute and make a calmer parachute flight for approximately five minutes. A time in which you can see the Bay of Roses , which is underfoot.

And, to remember the experience, it is possible to do an audiovisual report , which is professional. In addition, an accrediting diploma is received. After this experience, it will be time to return to Barcelona with the helicopter, following a route that allows you to see the entire coastline of the Catalan coast.


And if there were options on the ground with Formula 1, in the air with helicopter flight and parachute jumping, there are also options for the water. Here the proposal goes through activities such as diving or sleeping among sharks .

This activity takes place at the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca . And the truth is that the experience is unique, since it allows you to immerse yourself in the Big Blue , which is one of the deepest shark tanks in Europe. Not surprisingly, it is almost nine meters deep and 3.5 million of salt water.

It is like diving in the middle of the ocean, but with 11 sharks that reach 2.5 meters in length as company. But do not be alarmed because you are accompanied at all times by an expert diver.

And, for children , the alternative is to sleep with them at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. Well, rather you sleep surrounded by 8,000 different fish including sharks, which center the stories that will be told during the night.