10 photos we usually take when we are traveling

Traveling is one of the great pleasures in life. Seeing the world and discovering new cultures is something much more enriching than any material good that we can obtain, at least from my point of view. You remember the moments lived in very different places because they remain engraved in your mind, but also because we have the opportunity to capture them in photographs to immortalize them.

Some of these photographs are often repeated on all trips. Which? I would say that the ones I mention below, that you will see how they are familiar to you.

Photos through the plane window

We have not arrived yet but we have a tremendous desire to set foot in our destination. What do we do? We took the first photograph from above, from the window of the plane. It is not usually the best photo of the trip because you can hardly see anything, but it is very exciting and it helps us to start warming up the camera.

Food photos

If we take photographs of dishes from the city in which we live, how can we not take photographs of dishes from a totally different gastronomy? We usually see them especially when it comes to gourmet meals, the kind that you only allow yourself on vacation because your wallet would not hold such a rhythm throughout the year.

Pictures of your feet in the sand

A classic of beach destinations that is most often seen on women’s Instagram accounts. They take the opportunity to paint their nails well, put a bracelet on their ankles and fire the mobile to share that moment instantly. The likes are falling.

Photos with a message in the sand

Another beach photo is the one we take after drawing a message in the sand, which is usually of the type "Formentera 2018".

Photo of the legs on the beach to give envy

There is nothing like a photo of your legs with the beach in the background to make it clear to your followers that you are not suffering, that rather the opposite happens to you.

Photos jumping

Another one that you have done many times, especially when there is a spectacular background landscape. Whoever shoots the camera has to be fast enough to catch you well in the air, because otherwise you can end up more tired than climbing the Eiffel Tower on foot.

Photos «playing» with the monuments

The Tower of Pisa is the one that lends itself to more photographic games due to its inclination. Millions of people have a photo in which they appear holding it; Some better than others, everything has to be said. The same thing happens with the pyramids, with the Eiffel Tower, with the Taj Mahal… It’s a matter of being creative (or copying those who have been there before).

Photos from the back with open arms

You don’t have to be on Titanic to open your arms and believe that you are the owner of the world. Just close your eyes, think of nice things, and take a deep breath. The rest is done by the camera, and you never forget that moment because you keep it for a lifetime, especially if the landscape accompanies you.

Photos with the map or with the travel guide

Traveler photo where they exist. You have bought the guide, maybe just for posturing , and you feel obliged to get a return on those 15 euros that you have spent with all good intentions. What are you doing? You photograph yourself with the guide in hand or with the guide lying around as if he were in the right place by chance.


Selfies are a constant. They have become an addiction for some people, so it’s no wonder we see so many people taking selfies when on vacation. The worst of all is that there are people who are willing to risk their lives (they should not love each other very much) for an unpublished ‘selfie’, something that has already claimed too many victims in recent years.

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