Tips for driving on the left in the UK

Driving is something that many of us do on a daily basis and that, even if we go on vacation, we like to continue doing it in order to organize our own routes and not depend on third parties to make any visit. Anywhere in the world you would not have a major problem driving, although if you are going to travel to the United Kingdom and you are going to take your car or rent one there, you have to take several things into account since there you drive on the left.

I will give you some tips so that you can drive on the left without any problem:

– The first and most important thing is that English cars have the steering wheel on the right side , so if you take your car it will be a bit more difficult to drive, although if you are a good driver you will not have any problem since you will adapt immediately.

– It is also very important that you realize that the traffic is the other way around here and that in any roundabout the cars will come from the right, so make sure of any before entering, as well as in any junction or road to which you are going to incorporate.

– Be very clear that on any road you will always have to position yourself in the lane furthest to the left . When you see an intersection arrive, mentally analyze the situation so that you are very clear about where you should position yourself or where you are going to turn.

– The first two or three days you are likely to make mistakes in many things, so try not to make movements that are complicated or difficult. Try to always go in the company of someone to be able to analyze all situations between two people, especially if it is someone who knows how to drive on the left. Try to repeat routes that are easy to adapt as soon as possible to that way of driving.

– Always respect the traffic rules and pay attention to how the English drive to be able to do better since their reputation for being educated and correct also applies to driving. They always give way and try to make it easy for everyone to drive.

As for traffic rules and signs , almost all of them are the same, although there are some observations that you should also take into account:

SLOW appears in large letters on the road. It means you should slow down.

KEEP CLEAR also appears large and is written on the road and means that you leave that lane free, like here the rectangles or squares crossed in yellow. It is to avoid large queues and that there are no cars stopped there that hinder the passage of other vehicles that come from another lane.

– In some paid car parks you have to enter the last three numbers of the license plate before putting in the money.