The rarest requests from hotel guests

quirky hotel requests
You would not imagine the things that guests may ask for in hotels! No, we mean reservations at restaurants, taxis or tickets for a show. We are talking about really extravagant requests.

The lastminute company has released the results of a study that shows the rarest requests in these types of establishments. To complete this curious list, they have asked 500 hoteliers from the Tops Secret Hotels around the world what have been the strangest wishes requested by customers. Do you want to know some of the most extravagant requests? Well, watch out!

Very strange requests

Among the most extravagant requests that lastminute has made known, stands out that of a guest in a hotel in Mallorca who requested a television to launch from the window on the 9th floor. More terrifying is the request of a client of a Barcelona accommodation, who requested a stay to practice an exorcism. And very curious is the request of a guest in Rome who said he had an allergy to blue, so he asked that all the details of this color be removed from the room. A belly dancer in Istanbul, a superhero party in Barcelona, ​​or a parrot in Andorra, are other extravagant requests that appear on the list.

quirky requests hotel1

Impossible requests

Even rarer is the request that a hotel in Rome could not satisfy: tickets for a gladiatorial fight at the Colosseum. Logically, the wishes of some clients from Manchester, Rome, Prague, Seville, Berlin, Milan or Kuala Lumpur, who requested rooms with sea views, could not be satisfied either. Of course, for another establishment in Barcelona it was impossible to get a room with a view of the Alhambra.

The most romantic and luxurious wishes

Among the most romantic wishes we find that of a client who asked for a bouquet of flowers for each day; that of a man who requested that 10 employees shout " Congratulations " with champagne in his marriage proposal; thousands of flower petals; limousines, wedding dresses …

quirky requests hotel2

Other quirky wishes

It is also curious that a hotel in Venice allowed one of its clients to redecorate the interior of their room with their own furniture for a three-day stay; or the request of another guest who claimed five kilos of chicken wings upon arrival. A large bowl of candy of all colors except oranges and yellows; a cola for a dog; 850 hangers; a portable full-body solarium; 60 liters of milk to fill a bathtub; a group of music and dancers in the room; or a surprise party with all the guests of the establishment as guests, are other of the most extravagant requests that some hotels have had to fulfill.

After reading all these eccentricities, what will you ask for next when you stay in a hotel?