Tips for traveling to Mauritius

Mauritius Islands is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, especially the one you can find on its beaches. It is undoubtedly a perfect destination if you are looking to relax on a beach and do practically nothing during your holidays, although you can also find several very interesting activities and excursions.

Like any trip you organize, you should take into account a series of tips so that your trip to this place can be perfect. Take note of these tips for traveling to Mauritius :

Passport and visa : to be able to travel there you do not need any visa, the only requirement being Spanish is that your passport has a minimum validity of 6 months.

Vaccines : no vaccination is needed unless you have previously been there, so you will have to get the yellow fever vaccine in case you contracted the virus before. If you were previously, you must put it on 6 days before traveling.

Time difference : it is four hours more with respect to Spain (with the exception of the Canary Islands, which would be 5). If in Spain it is 10 am, in Mauritius it will be 2 pm.

Climate : this place is in the southern hemisphere, which means that being summer in Europe it is winter in Mauritius, so being winter in Europe it is summer there. Despite the different seasons, the weather is very good all year round.

Languages : the most widely spoken are English and French.

Currency : the official currency is the rupee, and one euro is equivalent to 40 rupees, varying slightly according to the change of each moment.

Tips : without a doubt something very important to take into account when traveling to any country. The normal thing in hotels is that it is included in the bill. In places where it is not included, the most common is to leave 10% of the total bill.

Driving : if you intend to rent a car to go your own way and not depend on public transport or organized excursions, you should know that there are a couple of requirements to do so. You must be over 23 years old, have an international driving license and be able to pay with a credit card. The main roads are in good condition, although they are usually narrow and with little signposting.