Tips for traveling with Ryanair

One of the most successful low-cost airlines in our country is Ryanair , which thanks to its low prices and the large number of routes it has, becomes one of the favorites for travelers despite being also one of the It usually has bigger problems, and that is that you have to read all the rules and regulations that it has so as not to get an unpleasant surprise when you have to travel. Once you get used to the way this company works, you will love it because although it has a few oddities it is clear that for the little you pay to travel you cannot expect much either.

It is very common to find flights at € 1 and thus be able to visit any European city for just a couple of euros that you spend on the trip, so do not wait too long on board because you will not receive anything and they will charge you almost for breathing. If you are considering flying with Ryanair, take note of these tips so that you can organize everything much better:

– Its website is very easy to use and you will immediately be able to handle it with total comfort. When you choose your flight, complete all the information they ask for and make sure they are correct, otherwise it will take much longer to get several error pages.

– Be careful with the extras that you want to add when buying the ticket since there are a lot, such as travel insurance , rent a car, choose a hotel, check in sports equipment such as skis, hire the check-in of a second suitcase and Some more. If you are going to need some of this, it is better that you do it at the time of purchase since it will be more expensive later.

– Payment is always made by card , both credit and debit, and accepts all types of cards, also having your own card with which you will pay commissions for buying on this website (with the rest of the cards they charge you almost € 3 commission for each journey).

– As for luggage, for carry-on you can carry a suitcase, bag or backpack measuring 50x40x20cm and weighing no more than 10 kilos. You can check in a suitcase of up to 15 kilos and if you exceed the weight you will pay € 15 for each extra kilo, so try to think carefully about what you are going to take before taking out the ticket to buy the billing of 2 suitcases instead of one since it is cheaper than paying excess baggage.

– You have to take your boarding pass from home because if they have to take it out at the airport they will charge you more, I imagine because of the effort involved in getting it or because of how much the paper costs.

– Once on board they do not give you food or drink or anything at all, at least for free since if you pay for it you can have a great variety. They do the big business with on-board services, so be prepared for flight attendants to drop by several times to offer you all kinds of things.