Rome neighborhoods

I have a friend who has just spent a few days in Rome and came back delighted but with regret that she had not been able to visit all the neighborhoods, and she had studied practically all of them in order to discover the best of each one and thus make a small selection for take the best organized trip.

As you know that I write here, you gave me all your notes from before and after the trip so that I could write about the neighborhoods of Rome so that anyone who wants to travel to this beautiful city can take advantage of this article to have it easier. So, here is a selection of the best neighborhoods in the historic center and what you can find in them:

Monti neighborhood : Here you can find historical remains of great importance such as the Trajan Forum, the Augustus Forum and several palaces and churches of great interest.

Trevi neighborhood : As its name indicates, here is the famous Trevi Fountain, as well as other places such as piazza Quirinale, piazza Barberini or the Basilica of the Holy Apostle. Miguel Ángel Buonarotti lived in this neighborhood.

Colonna neighborhood : There are large and spectacular palaces, such as the Chigi or the Montecitorio, in addition to the interesting Column of Marco Aurelio.

Ponte neighborhood : Here great Italian masters such as Cellini or Borromini lived and you can see the Church of Santa María de la Pace or the Ponte Sant Angelo square.

Parione neighborhood : The highlight is Piazza Navona, where you will find a lot of artisan ice cream parlors that are a real wonder.

Campitelli neighborhood : It is one of the most visited in the city since there you find the Arch of Titus, the Vespasian monument, the Roman Forum or the Basilica of Julia and Emilia.
Ripa neighborhood : If you like the cinema and have seen the movie “Roman Holidays”, in this neighborhood you will find the Piazza de la Bocca Della Verita, which appeared in the film when Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn put their hands in their mouths . It is also in Circo Massimo.

Trastevere neighborhood : It is one of the most picturesque and bohemian in the city, with a lot of cobbled streets and a lot of animation at night. Here you meet the Porta Portese trail on Sundays, the Corsini Gallery, the Anguillara Tower or the Santa María square.

Barrio de Prati : It is to the right of the Tiber, in a residential area that has squares such as Risorgimiento or Quiriti and is very close to the Vatican museums.