Shopping in Rome

They say that Rome is "the eternal city", and of course it can be affirmed since you can do so many things there and visit so many places that I think you would never finish discovering it, as with many other European cities. On other occasions we have already told you about the city in general and various places in particular, and today I would like to focus on one of the many things you can do there.

Specifically, I would like to talk to you about shopping in Rome , and it is clear that it is one of the great attractions that the city has, so if you are going to visit it you must spend part of your time going shopping, although not really go buy a lot. Take note of these places to shop in Rome :

Via dei Condotti : It is one of the most prestigious and rich shopping streets in Italy and in it you will find stores of famous designers such as Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci. A luxury to be able to simply take a walk down the street.

Via del Corso : It is a pedestrian street that has a lot of traffic throughout the day and that goes from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia. It is one of the most popular for both tourists and those who live there and you can find stores like Ferrari or Swarovski.
Trastevere : It is one of the neighborhoods of the city and is on the Tiber river. It has many fantastic streets to "get lost" taking a walk and enjoy the many offers that you can find in many of them. Here you will also find an open air market in Piazza San Cosimato where you can see how local vendors and vendors negotiate.

Viale Marconi and Porta Portese : It is one of the most popular shopping areas among young people, especially among those who live in the city. It is a bit far from the center but you can get there by metro very easily. To get your bearings, you can take Line B from Marconi and from the Colosseum you will be in a small room of an hour.

Piazza Vittorio : Here you will find a large food market that has a wide variety of fresh products, especially fish, meat and fruits.

Piazza Navona : The ideal place for art lovers who want to take a piece with them during their trip as there are several galleries and antique shops. There is also a movie store which is a delight if you like seventh art, especially Italian.