Amalfi: a 10 beach, nature and inland tourism destination

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy and the world for its beaches, views of the coast and also for the different towns within which there are authentic artistic and architectural gems. Among them, Amalfi stands out, which is considered one of the most beautiful municipalities on the entire Amalfi coast. Not in vain, the coast takes its name. It is a destination 10 for this summer, since it allows you to spend some great days at the beach , and go sightseeing in the town, among other activities. But what can you see to experience unforgettable days in Amalfi?


Amalfi has a beach, although it is small like most of the beaches on this Italian coast. However, there are options to enjoy it. For example, one of them is sunbathing and enjoying a bath in front of the town .

You can also enjoy the beach in areas that are further from the center of the municipality, although you have to walk a bit. Another alternative is the beach areas near the port , which have parking, although sometimes it is difficult to park depending on the date and the influx of people.


In addition to the sun and the beach, Amalfi offers other attractions in its town, which are well worth a visit. One of them is the Duomo de San Andrea , which is the symbol most associated with this city and with the Amalfi Coast.

This duomo is an architectural complex consisting of two interconnecting churches , as well as an interior crypt and a staircase leading to the entrance to the atrium, a bell tower and the cloister of paradise.

Precisely, this cloister draws attention for its architecture with two marble columns and Arab arches. In it, in addition, there are tombs of famous people of this town and of noble families. Of great beauty is also the garden with palm trees located in its center.

Another of the tourist attractions of Amalfi is the Basilica of the Crucifix , which is the oldest in this municipality and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as well as to Saints Cosme and Damien. Within it, for example, the marble sarcophagus stands out, dating from the imperial age and which houses the remains of Monsignor Andrea de Palearea.

The visit to Amalfi also takes us to see the San Andrea Fountain and the Paper Museum , which is one of the most important on this coast because this product – paper – was very important in this area as an economic activity.

And, for nature lovers, a good option is to go through the Vallote delle Ferriere Nature Reserve and take a path full of greenery, which goes from the old town of this town and passes through the hills of the Amalfi Coast, meeting along the way abandoned mills and authentic oases of nature.

Once you have seen Amalfi, you can make excursions by boat or in rented boats to other nearby coastal towns such as Positano, Capri, Maiori, Sorrento or Salerno, among others.

Typical products

The visit to Amalfi is not complete if you do not know its local gastronomy and the products that are typical. In this municipality, it is essential to eat all the dishes that have fish , which are the basis of their diet as is usual in the towns near the sea.

And, to drink, nothing better than trying limoncello , which is one of the typical liqueurs of the Amalfi Coast. It is always recommended to try one that has been made by hand .

If you can’t with this drink –there are people for whom it is a bit strong-, the option goes through the limoncello cream , which is softer . In any case, it must always be artisanal and, of course, made with lemons from the Amalfi Coast.

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