Vilafamés, a Castellón town that will make you fall in love

Today we are going to the province of Castellón to tell you about Vilafamés , a town of just 2,000 inhabitants that is well worth a visit from every tourist who comes to know the rural wonders of the Valencian Community.

It is only 25 kilometers from Castellón de la Plana, between the mountains of the interior and the beaches of the coast. That allows it to be a very quiet place where more than one goes with the intention of disconnecting.

What to see in Vilafamés

One of the main attractions of this municipality in the Plana Alta region is its castle , which, how could it be otherwise, was built on the highest point. It is of Arab origin and was conquered by Jaume I, while suffering the ailments of the Carlist wars. It has a wall and is quite well preserved. In fact, on one of the slopes there are cave paintings that can be seen in great detail.

On the most important street of Vilafamés lies the Roca Grossa , a huge rock weighing more than 2,000 tons that gives the feeling that at any moment it can fall, since it is settled in a quite inclined position that makes you not trust yourself every time that you pass by his side.

One of the most recommended activities is to visit a winery to enjoy a wine tasting. The best of all is surely the Magnánimus wine , a high-quality signature wine produced by Bodegas y Viñedos Mayo García.

Finally, it is also a very good idea to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vilafamés , since it has about 500 works of painting and sculpture. In addition, you are lucky to be in a Valencian Gothic palace called Palau del Batlle that has a lot of charm.

Traditional life is shown in Vilafamés 1900

In Vilafamés you can not only go back to the past by walking through its picturesque streets, but you can also do it by visiting a festival called Vilafamés 1900 . It has been celebrated for about 15 years and is a sample of traditional life that transports you to the 19th century.

It normally takes place in late April and early May. Stalls of all kinds are exhibited representing trades and activities, something that can be seen walking down the street or accessing private houses that are prepared for the occasion.

There are exhibitions, a round of ‘Quintos’ through the streets of the old town, the representation of a wedding, cucañas for children, traditional music and dances, the simulation of a bullfight … In short, getting bored is impossible and you don’t go hungry either, since some stalls sell sweets and salty pastries.

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