Tour Italy by yacht

Amalfi coast
Touring Italy by yacht is a luxury that many of us should allow ourselves at least once in our lives. In this way, you can get to know many different aspects of this Mediterranean country. The places that should be part of your yacht tour are: Naples, Capri, Amalfi, Portofino, Sardinia, Sicily and Venice. You can start your trip in Naples.

Naples is a city with a different energy: chaotic and charming, messy, but beautiful. It presents a proud and colorful culture, with very attractive hospitality. Naples is the gateway to Capri and the Amalfi Coast . The island of Capri and Amalfi present some of the most spectacular coastlines in the entire Mediterranean.

Such a tour should feature a visit to the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi is in the southern part of Naples, Positano and Capri . It is distributed along the length of about 50 km and is a place of strange beauty capable of attracting countless visitors. On its slopes you can see impressive terraced houses and buildings that cling to the cliffs. The next stop is Portofino .

It is a small town of cobbled streets, framed by hills of forests. From the top of the hill, the views of the harbor and the coast are impressive. Cafes, boutiques and ice cream parlors are distributed around the port square. When you’re resting head to Sardinia . This part is known to be one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. The golden sand of its beaches disappears into the blue waters and the rugged mountains let the sun’s rays give it a different style.