Tips for traveling by plane with children

Traveling by plane is something that is not usually very complicated for an adult but for children it becomes an adventure from the moment they begin to prepare until they collect their suitcases at the destination. Next I will give you some tips to make traveling by plane with children as simple as possible, as well as calm and very organized. Take note:

– Get the children excited and see that getting on a plane is something very natural. Involve them in the trip and choose a travel companion such as a stuffed animal , but one that is not too large as it can become a nuisance for other passengers.

– Choose flights during the week since airports are quieter on those days, in addition to having fewer passengers on all flights. Night flights are the best option for an international flight, and direct flights should always be your first option whatever the distance.

– When you buy the ticket, it should be clear to you if you have to pay a fee for carrying a stroller , if you must board at a different time or if you must sit in a special place on the plane.

– Take home made everything you can and that you can save doing at the airport, such as taking out the boarding pass , choosing the seats or packing the luggage. Try to bring the entertainment well organized so that once on board you do not find that the children do not want to sleep and have nothing to do.

– When you arrive at the airport, explain to them at all times what the process is so that they understand it. For them it is very important to feel older and be part of the process. Tell them why you have to queue to check your bags, why you have to go through security, etc. Let them know all the steps before reaching each of them.

Fill the bottles as soon as you pass the security controls. If the water in the bathrooms is not drinkable, buy bottles so that you do not find yourself without it when the children may need it. Also, bring sandwiches or anything else so you don’t have to buy it on board as it is more expensive.

– If you have the assigned seats, you do not need to board the first ones, unless the airline so stipulates it. Realize that the earlier you board the longer you will be on board before taking off. If they are not numbered, it is best to board as soon as possible to achieve the greatest comfort on board with the children.

– During the flight, try to have coloring books or their favorite games so that the trip is an adventure for them and they are trained, happy and busy. Before the toys you can resort to other games such as looking at the photos in the magazines or guessing what shape the clouds are.

– Bring solutions to possible problems, such as chewing gum so that your ears do not clog on takeoff and landing, pills against motion sickness or any other remedy that you think they may need.