Paradise accommodations on European islands

The islands are the preferred destination for almost all the people who want to dedicate their vacations to rest and not to city tourism. And if on that island you also find a heavenly accommodation, then it will already be the vacation of your life. Here are some spectacular accommodation options to rent on a European island , you will not have them in their entirety but you will feel as if you were alone:

Île de Patiras, France : It is on the Gironde estuary and has two farms that sleep 8 and 10 people and complete with a swimming pool and a vineyard. It also has a complete playground and a small petting zoo for the little ones to enjoy with their favorite animals. From there you can go by boat to the port of Pauillac to go to the Bordeaux wine region and the Côte d’Argent.

Castilla de la Isla del Burguillo, Spain : Here is a medieval castle that can accommodate up to 10 people. In the master bedroom there is a stone terrace with spectacular views, and on the grounds you can enjoy vineyards, pine forests and olive groves. You can do swimming, mountain biking and trekking.

The House in the Sea, Cornwall, United Kingdom : It is a small hostel that is on a rock in Newquay and if there is high tide you can only access it thanks to a suspension bridge. There you can sail, fish, walk or go for a boat ride.
Aateli, Finland : It is on an island in Nuasjärvi, a lake in the Sotkamo region. In this accommodation you will find a hot tub, a heated terrace and a Finnish sauna. Up to six people are allowed in three double rooms. There you can pick mushrooms, kayak, fish or go swimming.

Barón, Spain : This small volcanic island is very close to Cartagena and is surrounded by rocky coves and small coves. There are two places to stay, a five-story watchtower and a country house, both spectacular.

Lihou, Guernsey : It is the westernmost part of the Channel Islands and began as the home of medieval monks to become the German target practice range in World War II. It is currently a protected natural area that can accommodate 30 people (throughout the island). A true wonder.