Places to visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some sunrises and sunsets that can make your vacation unforgettable. This beautiful place caters for the needs of a romantic, adventure and relaxing vacation. To enjoy these magical vacations you need to know the places you must visit in Puerto Rico. Take note:

– Caves of the Camuy River
If you feel like adventure you should not miss them. Archaeologists discovered them in 1950 near Lares. They were made by the Taino Indians, who were the indigenous tribe of the ancient region. These caves have large deposits of limestone. There are over 220 caves and 17 entrances, making it the largest cave network in the world. These caves are also home to 13 species of bats. An interesting fact about this place is that there are more than 800 caves yet to be discovered.
Puerto Rico
– Tortuguero Lagoon
If you are looking for something relaxing, the Tortuguero lagoon is a natural water reserve, which has become home to more than 700 species of plants. You can go hiking, kayaking and boating. Sunset in the lagoon is a totally enigmatic experience.

– The Arsenal
The Old San Juan military base, which was built in the 1800s by the Spanish, is a historical site worth a visit. It is a place of historical importance where Puerto Rican art and culture mix.

– The anvil
El Yunque, rises through the Rocky Mountains. You can hike through lush green trails and climb a few peaks to experience what it feels like to be in a jungle. It covers more than 28,000 hectares.