Vacation in Negril, Jamaica

On some occasions we have talked about some of the attractions that you can find in Jamaica , one of the many Caribbean countries where you will find a few paradises. Today I would like to write about Negril , one of the most beautiful towns in this country, thanks in part to its spectacular cliffs, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Thousands of tourists visit Negril every year, coming from all over the world but especially from the United States and Europe.

This city began to develop with a view to becoming a tourist spot in the 70s, when several roads and a couple of small airports were built to be able to offer transportation facilities to any visitor. They also began to build many luxury hotels and resorts next to the beaches, thus being able to have a paradisiacal view from any of them. Negril is on the western coast of the country, which is precisely the one with the best beaches.

Off the coast of Negril is a large coral reef that is protected like any marine ecosystem of great value. The most famous of all Negril’s beaches is known as the 7 Mile Beach , which runs from the Negril River to Rutland Point, which is actually about 4 miles but they named it after more to make it seem more important. , although undoubtedly thanks to its beauty it is. Nudism is possible in the Bloody Bay area.

Its population is multiracial, so the mix of cultures is spectacular at every turn. Throughout the city there is a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere, so it is perfect if you are looking to combine beaches with tourism but in a quiet way.