Tips for traveling to Italy

Italy is one of the most attractive and visited countries in the world, as well as one of the most romantic. Almost fifty monuments, cities and places have been declared a World Heritage Site, and the art that exists in this country is very important worldwide. If you want to travel to Italy, I give you a series of tips so that you can organize yourself as best as possible and have all the necessary information to make your trip perfect. Take note:

Cities : The best cities to visit are Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Turin, Genoa … although in reality any corner of the country is an authentic wonder to discover.

Landscapes : Italy has spectacular landscapes, like all those you find in Tuscany, Sicily, the Italian coast or the Alps, as well as numerous lakes that turn any landscape into a wonderful postcard.

Italian gastronomy : Without a doubt when we think of Italian food we think of pizza and pasta, but there are many more totally exquisite and very Mediterranean dishes. In addition, the Italian wines and cheeses are also very tasty.

Leisure : In Italy you will find everything and with the best possible quality. Hundreds of musical concerts, spectacular operas and fashion, very important and always being one of the leaders in all the catwalks thanks to the famous designers of this country.
Culture : There is a lot of cultural diversity but their topics of conversation are almost always focused on politics or football, a beautiful sport just like in our country and that when there is an important game there are impressive demonstrations and meetings to see it in different parts of many cities. .

The Vatican : Definitely a must if you are going to be in Rome or close by. There you have St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica, places of great attraction and very important for all religious. In addition, you have museums and other places of interest in the immediate vicinity.

Currency : In this sense you have it easy since euros are used, yes, everything is more expensive than in Spain and they can charge you 6 euros for a simple coffee, which if you take it on a terrace in a special place can cost the double.

Hours : Their lifestyle is similar to Spanish, so the shops operate with the same hours as here more or less, although to go out for drinks at night you will not find places until the morning as in Spain.

Documentation : If you are a European citizen you can be without problem with your ID or passport.