Tips for traveling to China

If there is a destination that in recent years has multiplied the number of tourists it receives by a large amount, it is undoubtedly China , a country that seems to be in fashion and which experts say is the country, the culture and, above all , the language of the future. Until recently there was not much information to visit any of its cities, so I have compiled a couple of things out there to bring you the best tips for traveling to China :

Luggage : take a variety of luggage. If it is summer, also add some winter and vice versa. Temperatures in China can vary greatly from city to city or even within the same city in a matter of a couple of hours.

– The best option at the moment to travel to China is to choose an organized trip , since there are many options whatever you are looking for and you will always be in trusted places and with reliable companies.

– In many places they speak English but it is not very widespread, so try to take a book with you to be able to communicate if you decide to go on your own instead of with an organized trip.

– The tour guides will give you the best and true information so that you can do your shopping. In Spain they usually do it but because they take a commission from each store where their tourists buy, but in China they will really advise you on the best places to find bargains or whatever you want.

– To be able to know the whole country, in a reasonable way of course, you must be a minimum of about 12 days. If what you want is a specific city you can go less time, but be clear that China is the largest country in the world and that to be able to know it deeply you would need several months, so organize your trip well and be very clear about which places you want to visit . Only then can you see what you really want and what is most important.