Where to stay in Milan

Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy and Europe despite not being the capital of the country. Millions of tourists visit this city every year to learn a little more about its history and see all the monuments, landmarks and attractions that it offers.

If you are organizing your holidays and you plan to travel to Milan , know that the hotel offer is very wide and in all areas you will have many options that will be better or worse depending on your economy, the benefits you want or what you want. go to do or visit on your trip. I tell you the main areas of Milan so you can choose properly:

Downtown : it is where there is the greatest movement of people and where the main tourist attractions are, although due to that it is also one of the noisiest areas. Here you will see spectacular monuments such as the Duomo, the Gothic cathedral that is in the Piazza del Duomo.

Brera : this will be your perfect neighborhood if what you like is to go shopping and be up to date in fashion, since here are the stores of the most famous firms in the world. In addition, there are also many bars, restaurants and art galleries that are very interesting.

Navigli : in this area there are also many bars and art galleries, although what characterizes it the most is the nightlife, since it is where the pubs and bars that close at dawn are located. It is also a very nice neighborhood to walk and stroll around.

Parco Sempione : it is one of the best-known neighborhoods in Milan and receives many tourists every day who seek, mainly, to know the historic Castello Sforzesco. Here there are also many museums, old churches and other places that will surely fascinate you if you are a lover of art and photography.