Visit the city of Aarhus in Denmark

On the east coast of the Jutland peninsula , is the city of Aarhus . This is the second largest city in Denmark. But it is also the bishop’s seat of the country and in it is the main port of all Denmark . It is a modern city that enjoys one of the most attractive locations in the entire country.

Aarhus is also a city with a great tourist attraction. There are many cultural diversions that you can enjoy if you choose this city as your destination. The vast majority of styles of art and culture can be found represented in this place.

Regarding culture, the vast majority of the shows related to this theme that take place in this city are held in the so-called Concert Hall . On the other hand, the most famous festival that you can find in Aarhus will be the Arhus Festival . This festival is held annually and is considered one of the best and most important festivals of all those that take place in northern Europe.

In addition to all this, the city’s cathedral is one of the largest churches in all of Denmark, and the second largest when compared to the rest of the rest of Europe. This cathedral dates from the 13th century. In Aarhus you can also find many other places of great attraction , such as the Botanical Garden, Arhus Theater (the largest theater in the whole city), the Summer Residence of the Queen of Denmark, the AroS Museum, the Deer Park or Den Gamle By The ancient city.