Tips for traveling with cats

When you have a pet you always have to think of it in a special way when you go on vacation, and although many people choose to leave them at home in the care of any friend or relative, more and more people decide to travel with them, especially if the journey is long.

Traveling with pets is not easy but it is not as complicated as people think, so today I would like to focus on cats and how you can go about taking them on a trip. Take note of these tips for traveling with cats :

– In the first place, tell you that if the trip is short, it is best to stay at home since it does not compensate for the hustle and bustle of taking it if it is only going to be a couple of days, especially if you have to travel by plane.

– If you are going to take it, you have to ensure that it is as comfortable and sheltered as possible at all times, with ventilation if it is hot and warm if it is cold, especially if the trip is by plane since it will not be with you and you have to leave it prepared so that the whole trip is fine.

– Ideally, it should go inside a cage so that its transfers are more comfortable and faster, and the size of it should be sufficient so that it can turn, lie down and get up easily.

– Veterinarians recommend that they be given some natural tranquilizer so that they do not have stress during the trip, especially if it is by plane since you will not see it during the entire journey.

Food is also very important to travel, and it is best not to give him anything to eat in the hours before or during the trip to avoid vomiting. The drink itself is important to drink to prevent dehydration.

– Finally, the ideal is that you accustom your cat to traveling since childhood and that from time to time you take him by car, even for short walks and that he knows what the movement of vehicles is. When you know that you are going to make a long trip, make a few short ones beforehand and put it in the cage so that it gets used to it.