Historic sites in New York

One of the things I like the most about writing in VuelaViajes is that it offers me the possibility of traveling every day to any corner of the planet and being able to dream of being one day in many of the places I write about. One of them is New York , a city that I will also finally visit next year and of which I am already thoroughly documenting myself to have everything ready.

On many occasions we have told you things about New York, either in general or about a specific place, and today I would like to focus on the historical places it has, those that you must visit not only because of their beauty or location but also because of the history that save, whether good or bad for the city or for the country. Take note of the historic places in New York :

Ground Zero – World Trade Center : Undoubtedly a place that marks the history of the city and that was a new point throughout the country and around the world because of the attacks that brought down the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. It is now called "Ground Zero" and thousands of tourists visit it every day to remember the thousands of victims who left their lives there. The Tower of Freedom is now being built there.
City Hall : The city hall is at the intersection between Murray and Broadway and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It dates from the early nineteenth century and in its times it was the meeting point for any political rally in the city.
Chapel of Saint Paul : It is the oldest church in New York and although it is a small chapel it is considered a true treasure for North American historians. There you can per the "Washington Pew", which is a bench where George Washington, the first president the country ever had, sat. This chapel is very close to Ground Zero and was the place of prayer and gathering for thousands of people during the attacks.
Church of the Trinity : The Trinity Church is a work of architectural art that is in the middle of Manhattan, specifically between Broadway and Wall Street, two must-see places. It has a tower of more than 80 meters and a very picturesque cemetery in which there are graves for several centuries with several of the most illustrious characters in the history of the city.
Bowling Green : According to it is said in this place the history of this impressive city began, back in the early seventeenth century. Although it is currently a park there, the purchase of the island of Manhattan was negotiated from the natives, the first inhabitants of the place, and later it was the quarter of General Washington during the War of Independence.
Federal Hall National Memorial : At the end of the 17th century it became the town hall of the city during a colony and later it was the first capitol of the independent states. Here you will see various exhibits with historical objects.