America’s Best Beaches

If you are organizing your vacations and you would like to visit the United States , know that you can not only visit the impressive cities that we all know but there are also many beaches that have nothing to envy to any other exotic destination in the world. I give you a list of the best beaches in the United States so that you know if there are any of the best in the area where you are going to be:

– I think the best are, without a doubt, the beaches of Miami , which I was talking about a couple of months ago. They have everything so you can enjoy all day and there are family beaches, nudist beaches, beaches for surfing and totally crystal clear waters that can be seen from their fine white sand.

– Not only in Miami, but in the state of Florida there are some of the best in the country. This is the case of Clearwater , which means clear water. It is in Fort Lauderdale and has very fine sand and water of an intense blue color. In its surroundings you can find cocktail bars, the most picturesque restaurants and a great artistic wealth.

– In San Diego , California, you can visit a beach called Coronado and that is not only spectacular but it is very close to the city center, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, so it is undoubtedly an area that you will visit.

– In California you also have the beaches of Los Angeles , which I was talking about yesterday and where you can practice all kinds of sports.

– In Santa Bárbara , also in California, there are some of the most famous since both the inhabitants and the tourists go. There you can fish, take a walk by boat or kayak …

If you have been to any of the beaches in the United States and want to recommend them, I will be happy to take note to prepare another article.