Madrid’s royal palace

Madrid's royal palace
The Royal Palace is one of the main places of interest in Madrid and is in a privileged place in the historic center of the city, where there are innumerable elements that make up a large part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the city. This place, also known as the Palacio de Oriente , is also the official residence of the Royal Family, although for many years they have resided in the Palacio de la Zarzuela and use it only for highly relevant State events, such as the wedding day. of the Princes of Asturias.

Built during the 18th and 19th centuries to replace the old medieval Alcázar , which was destroyed by a spectacular fire in 1794. The truth is that standing in front of the Royal Palace is impressive, it is an impressive place and a true jewel of architecture where you can discover its amazing interior with lots of rooms, halls and large banquet halls. Already from the outside you can admire its beauty through the immense iron fences that give access to a beautiful garden. It is one of the most photographed landscapes in Madrid and there is no tourist who leaves the city without stopping in front of the spectacular Royal Palace.

To see it you can go to Bailén street , in the western part of the city center, east of the Manzanares river and very close to the Ópera metro station. The guided tour of the Royal Palace takes about 45 minutes and in it you can access the luxury rooms, the banquet halls, the throne room, the residential areas, the Royal Armory and the Royal Pharmacy. In the Hall of Columns, the treaty that included Spain in the European Union was signed in 1985.