Beaches in Kangaroo Island

In Australia you can find a lot of islands and beaches where you can not only sunbathe but also surf, one of the most successful sports in this country. To the south is Kangaroo Island , a small area of ​​only 155 kilometers where you can see cliffs, dense forests, spectacular dunes, wetlands and beaches, incredible beaches. Any time of the year is ideal to visit it and enjoy its almost deserted beaches and its geological wonders that make the landscape change color depending on the area of ​​the island where you are.

As in almost all the islands in the world, Kangaroo Island offers a wide variety of beaches where you can do any water sport such as surfing, spear fishing, diving, swimming or, if adventure is not your thing, just lie in the sun. . Harina Barril Bay is one of its beaches, it is close to the American River and there are wonderful views of the entire South Coast with its salty lakes and dunes, where there is also a great variety of species. In the north of the island are the highest cliffs in southern Australia.

One of the best beaches for surfing is Pennington Bay , a very good place also for fishing and swimming, although the big waves that form with the wind can be dangerous even if you have a lot of experience, so if you go there, be sure to great care. Another one you can, and should, go to is Vivonne Bay , which is also considered one of the best beaches in Australia.

It is ideal for walking on it and, of course, for sports. Its turquoise waters are almost the best in the country for surfing and also for fishing both from the pier and from the beach itself or a boat. It is very close to the Harriet River.