Las Hurdes, a beautiful rural wonder in Extremadura

Las Hurdes Extremadura
What do you think if we continue to know beautiful corners of our geography? Perfect, right? Well let’s get to it! Thus, after showing you beautiful places such as the Hayedo de Montejo, the Fageda d’en Jordà and the Benasque Valley, we moved to Cáceres, Extremadura, to tell you about Las Hurdes , a region made up of five municipalities and bathed by seven rivers that irrigate its valleys.

In this corner bordering Salamanca you will find landscapes formed by hills and valleys full of color, nature and life in each of the seasons, spring being the season in which Las Hurdes shines in its maximum splendor . As if that were not enough, it is a place full of traditions and legends that its people do not want to lose. Do you want to know more about this Spanish rural wonder? Well, very attentive!

The landscape of Las Hurdes

If there is something that characterizes the region of Las Hurdes, it is its unique landscape formed by lush mountain ranges and tremendously clean waters accompanied by slate houses that are fully integrated into the environment. Trees such as oaks, olive trees, chestnut trees, pines and cherry trees predominate, although water takes on a leading role thanks to the beautiful waterfalls and rivers that flood the area, creating amazing meanders , natural pools and reservoirs.

Las Hurdes Extremadura1

A beautiful region throughout the year

One of the strengths of this Extremadura region is that it is worth visiting at any time of the year. In summer, for example, you can take advantage of the fact that it is a region with abundant water , which is transformed into crystalline natural pools, lively jets and waterfalls that you will reach after daring routes. During spring, on the other hand, you will be able to enjoy the luminosity and brightness that invade the surroundings, and in winter you will have the opportunity to observe the mists that surround the peaks of the mountains. Of course, you will also love visiting Las Hurdes in autumn, when trees like chestnut, cherry and poplars drop their leaves and turn magical colors like ocher and garnet. In addition, it is a true paradise for lovers of mycology.

Las Hurdes Extremadura2

Gastronomy and accommodation

Of course, if you visit the area you cannot miss the opportunity to taste its peculiar gastronomy. The stewed pipos with collard greens, the trout caught in the rivers and swamps, the kid stews, the tasty crumbs or their sausages, among many other exquisite dishes, stand out. In addition, in the area you can find accommodation for all tastes and pockets : rural hotels, hostels, campsites, pensions, apartments, rural houses, inns …

Las Hurdes Extremadura3

What to do in Las Hurdes

In addition to contemplating the landscape, in the Las Hurdes region you can carry out different activities . For example, thanks to the abundant vegetation, the slopes and the attractiveness of the relief, it is an ideal area for cycling routes and practicing other types of sports. Of course, in the region you will also find numerous hiking trails that will connect you with nature. You can also practice sport fishing; skiing at La Covatilla station; make motorcycle routes; collect mushrooms; practice canoeing and canyoning; and enjoy birdwatching tourism

Las Hurdes Extremadura4

Interpretation Centers

As if that were not enough, in Las Hurdes you can also visit its different Interpretation Centers, where you will find information about the region. They are related to oil, honey, olive trees, water, the environment, the Hurdana House and crafts.

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can discover some beautiful images of Las Hurdes. Do not miss it!