The best casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States, thanks mainly to the spectacular nature of its casinos and all the fun you can find in the city. As the saying goes, "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas", something that comes to give "permission" to enjoy every minute of your experience in the city of casinos.

Its casinos are the most famous in the world and have appeared in a multitude of movies and television series, many of them have even been the main stages of many of them. Today I would like to write about the most famous casinos in Las Vegas , which are also the best and the most spectacular. Take note:

Casino Paris Las Vegas

It is one of the most emblematic and one of the most photographed. Dedicated to the French capital, it has a spectacular reproduction of the Eiffel Tower on the outside, although on a smaller scale. In it you can not only stay in one of its impressive rooms or try to win money in games but its musicals also attract a lot of attention, especially a fixed one that they have dedicated to Paris.

Caesars Palace Casino

It is another one that you will have seen the most on television, especially thanks to the spectacularity of its architecture and that it looks beautiful both day and night. The hotel-casino is a palace full of marble columns that will make you feel like the queen of any empire.

Monte Carlo Casino

As its name indicates, if you are in this casino it will seem that you have traveled to the city of Monte Carlo , with which you will live experiences full of luxury and exclusivity. You will find all the comforts in a spacious resort that does not lack any detail.

MGM Grand Hotel Casino

It is a hotel complex that houses the largest casino in the world . This honor has been earned thanks to hundreds of thousands of square meters that are dedicated to fun and games but also to pleasure and relaxation. One of the most spectacular leisure places you can visit in your life.


He is probably the most famous since he has been named in more series and movies than any other. It is the one with a spectacular fountain that is like a waterfall all day and all night. It is spectacular.