Museums and different activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas
All those who decide to travel to Las Vegas , should remember that not only will they have to spend a few dollars in the casinos, they can also visit some museums and do very interesting activities. The options are multiple and varied so it is recommended that you organize your stay in the city well so as not to miss anything. Today we tell you about some museums and activities that will allow you to know another side of a city as impressive as Las Vegas.

– Museum of organized crime
It was recently opened and has already become one of the most visited museums in LAS Vegas. It offers a fascinating look at organized crime in any form you can imagine: mafia, gangsters … At least you can spend about two hours inside as there are tons of exhibits, hands-on activities and endless photos with stories that watch. Admission for adults is $ 18.

– The monorail
This is a fun way to see the backside of Las Vegas. The monorail runs behind the casinos, where we can see that it is not all luxury.

– Double-decker buses
With them you can go all over the city without forgetting anything. You can buy a $ 5 ticket for two hours or a 7 hour ticket valid for 24 hours.

– The Beatles Love
It is a musical celebration that focuses on the Beatles. The performers are part of a crazy and wild circus where there are gymnasts, actors, mimes, etc. This show can be seen at the Mirage Casino. This is a Cirque du Soleil production and a buy-in is over $ 100.