The island of Poros in Greece

The islands are the preferred place for most of the people who every year look for a destination for their vacations. Wherever they are and whatever they are, its beaches and good weather are the perfect claim for anyone looking for a place to rest and relax for a few days to regain strength for the return to work.

Today I would like to talk to you about the island of Poros , which is in Greece and where you can go both to spend your holidays and on an excursion from Athens since it is very close. It is an island with a lot of charm that you can get to by ferry from the port of Piraeus in the Greek capital. A 3-hour trip to discover one of the many Greek islands, which in this case, as in almost all of them, is small but wonderful.

The ferry will take you first to Methana and then it will stop in Poros , just a few minutes later. During this short journey, you can discover the beauty of the island thanks to its natural charm and the small houses with the typical red roofs , a symbol in Greece. The island of Poros belonged to Poseidon and was the first official naval base in Greece, so it is one of the most cared for and with the most history.

The natural environment that you find on the island of Poros is wonderful, with lots of vegetation and spectacular beaches. Undoubtedly the ideal place for a day trip as well as for a getaway or a complete vacation. Going into its mountains is an ideal option if you like adventure since you have beautiful places to discover, but if you prefer you can stay enjoying one of its beaches and towns that the experience will be equally unforgettable.

In addition to the beach and the mountains, there are a few places of interest that are really worth visiting. Some of them are the Archaeological Museum , the Zoodochos Pigí Monastery or a clock that is at the highest point of the island and which is one of the most visited places. If you only want beaches, don’t worry because there are several, all of them with crystal clear waters and several pine forests to be able to be in the shade having a picnic.