Curiosities of Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Do you think gambling , casinos, luxury hotels, exciting nightlife, etc. is the best that Las Vegas can offer you? Las Vegas is a city located in Clark County, Nevada. It is the most populous city in Nevada. There are countless forms of entertainment for adults in this incredible place that has been dubbed ‘Sin City’.

Since its birth in 1905 its history is unstoppable. Throughout its more than 100 years of life, Las Vegas has managed to be the protagonist of fascinating facts that any traveler who decides to visit it should know. Take note:

-His birthday is May 15, 2005.

– 60,000 people move to Las Vegas every year.

– Living there is not as expensive as many think. Renting a normal apartment can cost you just over $ 600. Of course, if what you want is to buy "land" the price may already be somewhat exorbitant. Some 60,000 meters can exceed 30 million.

– The state of Nevada does not collect income or corporation taxes.
Las Vegas
– Nevada is the largest gold producer in the US and the second largest in the world (the first is South Africa.)

– Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.

– The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino , opened in 1906, was the first hotel-casino to open in Las Vegas.

– The year 1931 marked the licensing after gambling was legalized in 1910.

– Hotel Dunas was the first hotel and casino to feature topless dancers

– The Moulin Rouge , opened in 1955, became Las Vegas’s first racial integration site.