Curiosities about Nepal

The Asian continent is well known for the diversity of its countries and cultures. Countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal, among others, make Asia a colorful and geographically rich continent. Today we tell you some curiosities about Nepal so that you can get to know it a little better. Nepal is a geographically very rich country located in South Asia that is exactly in the Himalayas.

– Who would not like to see the highest peak in the world? The highest mountain in the world, Everest is in Nepal. There, he is known as Sanghamitra.
– Nepal is a very small country characterized by having the only flag in the world that is not rectangular. This flag is made up of different colors. The crimson red color of the flag symbolizes the color of its national flower. It is also synonymous with victory in war and the bravery of the Nepalese people. The blue part of the flag symbolizes peace. The shape of the flag is made of two triangles that represent the mountains of Nepal. The shape of the sun and moon on the flag represents the aggressiveness of the warriors of Nepal and the calm and peace of nature of the Nepalese people.

– It is a landlocked country, which means that it is surrounded by several countries on all sides and has no maritime border .

– It is a secular country, but Hinduism is the predominant religion in Nepal. More than 80% of the population practice Hindu traditions and rituals. Buddhism is also an important religion.