Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

An internationally famous destination known to all, Las Vegas has long been the backdrop for movies and television series. It is clear that this place offers tourists a wide range of entertainment possibilities between casinos, restaurants and bars. Among those attractions is as the supreme attraction of all the Stratosphere ; a combination of fun and adventure that will motivate everyone to spend a few days at the facilities.

The tower is 350 meters tall making it the tallest non-hanging structure in Las Vegas, Nevada . The hotel consists of a total of 20 floors with a huge casino and nothing more and nothing less than 2,444 rooms. These are a real treat for foodies and those who want to spend a truly exciting vacation.
But perhaps the most attractive thing about Stratosphere is its revolving restaurant and its two observatories as well as its three mind-blowing attractions . One of them, called Big Shot, is the highest attraction in the world, followed by Insanity the Ride, which is 274 meters high. This places the most daring on the edge of the tower and rotating at a speed of about 40 miles per hour.

The latest attraction is the XScream at 264 meters high that is capable of frightening the bravest. From them, if you can catch your breath, from the impressive revolving restaurant or from the hotel rooms you can have an amazing view of the city that never sleeps; Las Vegas.