Places to do activities in Michigan

You have decided to take a long trip through Michigan but do you know what places you should visit? Take a pencil and paper and write down:

– Detroit
You can start your trip from this city, which is also the largest state in Michigan. Detroit is also known for being the largest automotive hub in the world. The city is a real treat for tourists as it has so much to offer. There are several museums in the city that are worth visiting. Two that you should not miss are the Detroit Historical Museum and the Motown Museum.

– Drummond Island
You can practice a lot of sports but apart from immersing yourself in adventure and sports, the island also offers picturesque views of the landscape that are perfect for beautiful photography sessions.
Lake_Superior _-_ Michigan
– Lagos
If you forget to include Lagos in your Michigan travel itinerary, then you are probably missing one of the best romantic vacation spots. The lakes offer visitors beautiful scenery, fishing facilities, and most importantly an enchanting boat trip. Visiting all the lakes is not possible, however, you can visit some of them.

– Grand Haven
Probably the best family vacations in Michigan can be spent here. Grand Haven is a beach that has evolved into a recreation center. It offers fishing, swimming, cycling and hiking activities.

– Recreational parks
Recreation and fun are, without a doubt, the best activities that can be done in Michigan. Must visit: Ford Field, Cabbagetown Park, etc. The little ones have plenty of places to have a great time.