The most interesting towns in San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is a small state on Italian territory that is very close to the Adriatic Sea and at the foot of Monte Titano. With many spectacular landscapes, it is made up of 9 small towns led by San Marino, the capital. It does not take many days to visit them all and the truth is that it is worth it because in each one there are interesting places to discover.

Today I will tell you about the most important towns in San Marino and what you can find in them. Take note:

San Marino : In this small capital you can discover a very valuable historical and architectural heritage, not only in its museums but also in each and every one of its streets. Millions of tourists visit it every year and can also enjoy the wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops that there are.

Borgo Maggiore : Its historic center is a World Heritage Site thanks to the typical medieval streets full of charm. There is a cable car to go up to the center and enjoy the wonderful views of the town and the neighboring towns.
Serravalle : It was a very important city when the Republic was achieved, and proof of this is the spectacular castle that still stands today. Many narrow streets in the historic center to explore on foot and be able to soak up all its history. Highlight the sports center, one of the best in the country.

Faetano : In the center you can find very interesting places such as the Church (from the 19th century) or the Casa del Castello. In addition, there is a fishing lake that offers you fantastic views and you can also go on various excursions along the river.

Chiesanuova : This small town owes its origin to a medieval castle and the Court of Busignano. You can enjoy very beautiful landscapes and one of the best natural environments in all of San Marino.