Best National Parks in Malaysia

National Parks are places that are very successful on a tourist level thanks to the fact that they are always places with truly spectacular and striking natural beauty. In all countries there is a National Park, and I always recommend visiting any that is close to you on a trip since it is without a doubt something that is always worthwhile. A magical and unique environment in which to spend a day enjoying Nature.

Today I would like to tell you about the National Parks of Malaysia , a country where you will find quite a few, all of them spectacular and with many peculiarities that make them especially striking. Take note of the most interesting that you can find there:

Taman Negara National Park

It is in Pahang and it is the largest National Park in the country with more than 4,000 square kilometers , also being one of the oldest parks. Its flora and fauna is very diverse and in it you can find a great variety of species from any corner of the planet, such as the Malayan bear or the Asian elephant. In addition, there are more than 300 species of birds, many of which spend the day singing so you can hear them as well as see them.

Penang National Park

It is in Penang and it is the smallest National Park in Malaysia, although that does not mean that it is not spectacular since you can also see many wonders and even some beaches. Its size is about 2,000 square kilometers, including numerous plant and animal species that are worth seeing. Here there are several wetlands with a great variety of plant species, and among their animals there are monkeys, squirrels and hundreds of birds of different species. In addition, there are also a few species of marine fauna , so it is undoubtedly a very complete park despite being small.

Niah National Park

It is in Sarawak and it is one of the oldest. In fact, the remains of the earliest known humans at this location are said to be over 40,000 years old and that many of the primitive communities lived in the caves of Sarawak . These caves are the park’s greatest interest since you will be able to see all the history they hold. The Great Cave stands out, which has an opening about 60 meters high that leads you to the cave chamber and is gigantic. The jungles around the caves are home to animals such as macaques, partridges, deer, tarsiers or hornbills.

Endau-Rompin National Park

The most striking thing about this park are its spectacular waterfalls , one of the most beautiful you can find in Malaysia. This is coupled with an impressive natural landscape that makes them perfect forests for hiking. Its flora and fauna is also very varied, with unusual species such as the palm heart or the cane palm in the flora and an abundant animal life such as bears, wild boars or cats.