The charm of Miami

Some people often ask him: what is it that makes Miami so famous? This is because when they visit the city they may not find the place as fabulous as they expected. Others simply refrain from visiting the tourist highlights so they can tour the places that others are talking about. Nor can those who visit the city be absent to maintain a social status , since the fact of saying "I spent a weekend in Miami" already places you in a medium and high social rank even if you have stayed with a relative and for work you have not had the opportunity to go through it.

Many reasons to visit the city

The truth is that Miami preserves its tropical beauty no matter where you look at it. Its exquisite climate at the bottom of the map of the country places it as one of the busiest places in the United States for both residents and foreigners. Its cultural diversity is another point in its favor, since it is difficult to find a variety of languages ​​within a single country where depending on the area you can place it as an official language as you do in Miami.

With the arrival of thousands of Cubans to the city, followed by Haitians and a large number of Latin Americans, Miami changed its language from English to Spanish to such an extent that you can even find advertisements in supermarkets, Spanish-speaking cashiers and any type of business such as restaurants, shops, bars or others where when you attend they will attend you in Spanish and its owner will possibly be a Latino .

Followed by these types of places, which offer a great variety of topics and typical foods of the country of origin of those who attend it, Miami shows museums, nightclubs, natural parks, attraction parks, offers to buy any type of product and modern street art . If with all this you still feel that it is not enough, you can make use of the helicopter rides, boats around the mansions of famous artists or even take control of your destination by driving to and from where you want with the car rental services that you can. contact from your home and without complications.

Choose your type of adventure inside, outside or in the vicinity of the city. Do not miss the famous Everglades with its crocodiles, the striking architecture (some with mystery like Coral Gables or Villa Vizcaya), the walks along Ocean Drive with its variety of places for different occasions and the fabulous beaches with boulevards nearby for a walk, skating or cycling in front of an exceptional view. Enjoy your stay to the fullest and be part of this great group of travelers who have had the opportunity to visit the city giving their opinion and point of view about the wonders of the place.