Medieval tour

The proposed route focuses on the Empordà region, close to Girona . A visit to the medieval towns of Sant Martí Vell, Monells and Peratallada, among others, which stand out especially for their arcaded squares, benches, windows and stone arches.
Through winding and narrow country roads, between hills and farmland, we will begin our itinerary through Sant Martí Vell. This small town built around the church, forms a conglomeration of stone houses and narrow streets, a faithful vestige of its antiquity.

Limiting with Sant Martí we will find Madremanya , with similar characteristics and structure. Every corner and every alley is a surprise to discover, to delight in the beauty of its arcades, inscriptions or stone facades.

We will continue the route to Monells , a town divided by the Rissec river. The right bank houses a monumental complex of singular beauty, in which the arcaded Plaza de Jaume I, the old Casa de la Vila, Calle de los Arcos and Plaza del Oli stand out. On the left bank, the layout of the buildings is more scattered, although the calle de la Riera and the church of Sant Genís, of Romanesque origin, deserve special attention.
From Cruïlles we can point out the Torre del Homenaje (11th century), which was formerly attached to the fortress. Today it stands alone in front of the church of Santa Eulàlia. On the outskirts of the town, the Sant Miquel de Cruïlles monastery and the Mare de Déu de l’Esperança hermitage await visitors to the town.

To end our itinerary, Peratallada could be described as the final surprise. With a monumental declared historical and artistic interest this villa captivates especially those who love history, art and beauty.