Tricks to overcome the fear of flying

For those who are not afraid of flying and are aware of the accident statistics that occur year after year, being afraid of flying is irrational. However, the truth is that some people refuse to get on a plane because of what may happen, and others go on a trip and cannot avoid being stressed from the time the aircraft takes off until the aircraft lands.

If you are one of those who do not do well at all that of having to face a flight, I recommend that you follow the following tricks that will help you overcome that fear that cuts your wings.

Choose a good seat

To minimize the symptoms of aerophobia , which is characterized by excessive sweating, hyperventilation and an increased heart rate, I recommend choosing one of the best seats, which is the one that is as close as possible to the cabin, since you will see few seats ahead of you and that will relieve you. It will also relieve you that it is right next to one of the emergency exits, as it will give you greater security. Obviously, a seat that is not next to the window is much better, especially if you suffer from vertigo.

Keep your mind busy

The worst thing you can do is stop and think about what might happen if a mechanical breakdown occurs mid-flight. The best thing is to keep your mind occupied so that you don’t dwell on the matter. A suggestion? Listen to music or watch a movie , for example. It’s about doing things that keep you entertained to make the flight as enjoyable as possible. In addition, you can also talk to people close to you regardless of whether you know them and without becoming excessively heavy. A good topic of conversation is the one that has to do with what one will be able to visit when arriving at the destination.

Remember that it is very unlikely to have an accident

It is true that the lottery does win, but it is also true that the chances of being one of the lucky ones are very low. The same can be said about a plane crash, so remind yourself whenever you have doubts to stay more calm. Think that thousands of planes leave every day around the world and there is rarely an accident. In fact, the probability is roughly 1 in 2.5 million .

Think about airplane safety

That the probability is so low has a lot to do with the safety of airplanes, which are machines designed to fly even when something goes wrong. In addition, they undergo an exhaustive control before starting the takeoff maneuver, which is why flights are sometimes canceled for safety reasons.

Try to sleep

It is true that it is difficult to sleep when you are in a situation that is perceived as dangerous, but you must do everything possible to achieve it. If you have aerophobia and you can choose the time of the trip, opt for one as early or late as possible, since you will be quite asleep and it will not cost you to fall asleep. What’s more, you can ask your doctor to prescribe some sleeping pills .

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