Tuamotu, an archipelago that aspires to become paradise

Never say that you’ve already seen it all. Not even the most experienced traveler can say that they have been lucky enough to be in every corner of the planet. You will have heard that many people have gone around the world, but from there to see such remote places as the Tuamotu archipelago there is a lot of difference.

It is in French Polynesia , many thousands of kilometers from Europe, and it has everything to be considered an earthly paradise. The photographs speak for themselves, and those who have been there can attest that the word stress has never been heard in those parts.

The paradise of tranquility

In total there are 77 atolls and their population does not even reach 600 inhabitants , so they do not understand traffic jams or queues to go shopping at the fishmonger. Its coral islands, of an elongated shape that seems to have been designed with some editing program, are a sight to behold that one can only get to accurately describe if you set foot there.

If you want to visit Tuamotu you will have to get an Air France ticket that will take you from Madrid to Los Angeles, where it stops to fill the kerosene tank before resuming the route. Your next destination is Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, where you will have to hire a flight with Air Tahiti Nui that will take you to one of the most popular islands in the archipelago in question.

You shouldn’t take your cell phone to Tuamotu. You will be in another world and it is only worth using technology to get in touch with family and friends from time to time. You have to enjoy the tranquility, blend in with nature and be open enough to engage in conversation with the natives. They will show you that not everything is working hard in an office and spending the day hooked on social networks. Life can be very different.


Much to see and much to learn

You will learn the traditional dances of Tahiti and you will be able to create flower crowns like the ones you have seen so many times in the movies. And of course, between learning and learning you can take a dip in any of its beaches, which as you can imagine are the best there is on the planet (in fact, French Polynesia is the most beautiful beach in the world ).

"The Tahitian Pearl Necklace", which is the nickname that Tuamotu has come to receive, boasts islands and atolls such as Rangiroa (the second largest atoll in the world), Manihi, Tikehau and Fakarava, where you can dive, go horseback riding or go deep sea fishing. In addition, you will not have to worry about accommodation, as there are luxury establishments such as the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, the White Sand Beach Resort Fakarava or the Hotel Kia Ora.

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Tuamotu Photos