Bora Bora: a true pearl in the middle of the Pacific

Bora Bora
Today I continue again with the tour of French Polynesia with a visit to another of its islands, which is considered a real gem. This is Bora Bora , a dream destination that is chosen by many couples in love for its paradisiacal beaches. It is a destination that not only allows you to live love, but also offers many tourist possibilities due to the landscapes it has, among other attractions. Not surprisingly, this island is known as the Pearl of the Pacific .


The beauty of Bora Bora can be seen before getting off the plane. From the air, you can see the profile of this island by the silhouette of Mount Otemanu over the lagoon , which is characterized by its varied turquoise blue and bright green tones.

And, precisely here, in the lagoon, you will have to stop once you are on land because you have to see the variety of species that inhabit and that have made it an ideal destination for activities such as diving or snorkeling .

The hills and valleys of Mount Otemanu are well worth another visit to observe the hibiscus that grow in this area, as well as the palm- covered motus that are around the lagoon and that form a kind of necklace.

Bora Bora
Those who want to enjoy a few days of sun, beach and relaxation, Bora Bora is an ideal destination. The beaches are white sand and deep blue waters where there are colorful tropical fish that swim among coral gardens.

It is an image of a true paradise that is completed with the attractions of the luxury spas and resorts that are on the island. Some are bungalows on stilts, while others include thatched-roof mansions. It’s just a matter of preference.

Group of islands

Bora Bora has a very characteristic geography, which is due to the fact that the main island -has its origin in an ancient volcano- , is surrounded by coral islets , which have created in the center a lagoon with a coral bottom. Species as particular as the lemon or black tip sharks , among others, inhabit it.

Around the island, you can also go on excursions to discover archaeological remains such as the Marae or see shelters and canyons from World War II, which contrast with the viewpoints in privileged enclaves.