What to eat in Bora Bora

One of the greatest paradises in the world is Bora Bora , which is in the archipelago of French Polynesia and has one of the most spectacular coral reefs of all those in any corner of the planet. There you will not only be able to enjoy the natural wonders that it has everywhere, but there is also a lot of historical importance, such as a great mark left by the Second World War in many of its streets.

Gastronomy is another of its strong points, having at the tourist’s disposal purely typical flavors and textures of the region, all very exotic. Today I would like to write about the gastronomy in Bora Bora , with the most interesting that it can offer you and with the ingredients and dishes that you have to try yes or yes to make your experience much more rewarding. Among the most used ingredients is raw fish, which is prepared in multiple ways and with various supplements to give it all kinds of flavors.

Seafood is mainly used in delicious dishes such as swordfish skewers, Varo (with a very intense flavor), Chevrettes (they are a kind of freshwater prawn) or lobsters, which are the most typical way of preparing them. it is with vanilla. Many of these dishes are prepared with exotic fruits that you can find anywhere on the island, such as mangoes, pineapples, grapefruits, melons, avocados, bananas or limes.

Typical dishes of Bora Bora

As for the most typical dishes of the island, the Tamaaraa is probably the most famous and deals with a wide variety of foods that are covered with banana leaves, jute bags and that are cooked in an oven on the ground for about 4 hours. Among the ingredients it contains are fish, chicken, suckling pig, red bananas or taro leaves, which gives it a really characteristic, varied and very intense flavor.

For desserts, not only do you have all the exotic fruits mentioned above, but as the most typical is Poe , the most famous and that has coconut milk on a papaya base that is crushed and cooked. Any meal or dessert is usually accompanied by cheeses or wines, which, being of French origin, are all delicious.