Vanilla Island: a destination to enjoy with the senses

Many destinations are enjoyed for the view due to the spectacular landscapes, while others for the taste because they are a good option to taste the gastronomy. However, there are places that it is possible to know through other senses or with all of them. This is the case of Taha’a , also known as Vanilla Island , because it is the area of ​​these plantations. It is not the only attraction of this destination within French Polynesia .


Taha’a has many attractions. Vanilla stands out among them because 80% of the total production of French Polynesia is concentrated here and there are the largest and most important plantations in the country.

One reason why it takes the nickname of this flower, which also permeates the entire island with its aroma , being a real pleasure to discover it through smell. In addition, it is possible to know plantations and the secrets of vanilla within its natural environment.

In fact, you shouldn’t leave the island without trying vanilla tahitensis , which is unique, apart from being very valuable for the flavor it has. Its cultivation requires knowledge that is acquired over time and with experience.


Other attractions

This island is not just vanilla. It also has the charm of a few days to live quietly and enjoy the mountains and tiny motu with bright white sand beaches.

The island, which is shaped like a flower, shares the lagoon and reef with the Raiatea , being another of its main attractions. The tour should also take a tour of the Taha’a Coral Garden . And also, if you are a hiking lover, there are exotic routes through the jungle that lead to the Puurauti and Ohiri mountains.

And, apart from nature, the island has other attractions such as the pearl farm or the rum distilleries that abound in its inland area.