Picos de Europa: a dazzling destination to enjoy nature

Spain is a country with many possibilities for tourism, although now due to covid-19 there are some limitations. However, it is a good time to go making plans or enjoying short breaks, always respecting the rules and measures. And a good destination for these days are the Picos de Europa . A natural enclave , which is one of the most dazzling in the country and also on the European continent. With a tour of Asturias, Cantabria and León, you can disconnect and enjoy a place of incredible beauty .


The Cantabrian mountain range houses in its central part the three massifs that make up the Picos de Europa National Park. These are the Western or Cornión massif, called the Covadonga park (Asturias), the central massif or Urrieles , in Cantabria, and the Oriental or Ándara massif, in Castilla y León.


The most suitable route to visit this enclave is to start in Asturias, specifically, in Cangas de Onís to see this town where there are plenty of mountain material and food stores, since it is the starting point towards the highest peaks of the mountain range .

Nearby is Covadonga . A place that is well known for the holy cave that hangs from a rock and the waterfall at its feet. You should also see the lakes of Enol and La Ercina , which make up another sanctuary in these places and which are more than 900 meters away. From there, in addition, several hiking trails start.

The route takes us to Naranjo de Bulnes or Picu Uriellu , entering the Massif Central, being possible to go up in the funicular. Likewise, you can climb La Peña and do not miss the Cares gorge , an eight-kilometer path that crosses tunnels and bridges, or the descent from Naranjo through Poncebos along the Tejo canal path. These are some options to consider within the national park, which houses many more charms.