Caravan route to discover the charms of the Jerte and Ambroz valleys

Today we are going to continue touring Spain with the caravan or motorhome to see other places -some of them very touristy-, but from a different point of view. And it is that this way of traveling allows to make stops in places that normally are not part of the main tourist circuits. On this occasion, the route takes us into the valleys of Jerte and Ambroz .

Jerte Valley

The first stop we make on this route is precisely in the Jerte Valley . More than known for its cherries , this area is a mandatory stop for the beauty of this place.

It is true that it is most beautiful between the months of March and April , when the cherry trees bloom , but at this time of year it also has a lot of charm.


In addition to the landscapes of nature, the tour takes us into Hervás . This municipality in the province of Cáceres is characterized by its steep and narrow streets. Within this town, you should not miss the Jewish Quarter , which began to take shape in the 15th century with the arrival of the first families. Some of its buildings are preserved as they were. In fact, here are the best preserved Jewish quarters in Spain.

You should not leave Hervás without visiting the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Convent of the Trinitarians and the Church of Santa María, among many other attractions. Once the visit is over, the tour leads to Baños de Montemayor , known for its spas, to continue to the port of Tornavacas and follow the road to Cabezuela del Valle , whose historic center differs by breaking the linear structure of the rest of the villas and by a peculiar triangular shape that, in part, is responsible for its being declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

From there we continue to Navaconcejo to see the typical architectural houses of this valley due to their cantilevered balconies and eaves. The next stop is Cabrero to see the parish church of San Miguel Arcángel, continuing with Valdestillas where the church of Santa María de Gracia is.

The tour ends in Casas de Castañar , which is one of the best places to taste the typical gastronomy (Extremadura crumbs, goat cheese or mountain sausages, among other dishes) and in Plasencia to see its wall and different religious monuments such as the New Cathedral of Plasencia. You should not miss its historic center, which is a Site of Cultural Interest.